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At FRST, we have access to some of the highest-performing crypto trading desks in the world. These relationships guide our internal conversations related to prioritizing engineering challenges to adding new features.


A user’s FRST credentials grant access to our always-available annotated sets of blockchain data, as well as FRST’s proprietary data visualization tools, query capabilities, and heuristics library.

Gold vs Silver Level

Gold subscriptions grant access to the data as soon as we have it - if something happens in a blockchain ecosystem you’re monitoring, you’ll know about it. In short, you hear it FRST. Gold is our premium product and includes Senior Engineer-level support. This often includes CTO-to-CTO dialogues about firm-specific needs. Typical Gold subscription clients include exchanges and hedge funds. Intraday alerts and notifications set by Gold clients run on our fastest systems and newest data.

Our Silver clients are delayed 48 hours behind current market conditions. While Silver subscriptions enjoy the same access levels and tool sets, Silver subscriptions are best-suited to historical analysis, event-specific research, and hypothesis-testing and are not appropriate to support intraday trading activity. Silver subscriptions enjoy nine-to-five, business-day engineering support and, due to throttling, cannot set intraday alerts or notifications.

Deep Research Tools Offering Unprecedented Capabilities

Follow Transactions

Understand the provenance of related transactions through time and notice pertinent relationships between market actors.

Apply Cluster Identification & Labeling

Access an exhaustive list of special-purpose labels and clusters; load additional views and graphs to analyze data.

Track Specified Categories

Automatically create new category tags to which you or others in your organization can subscribe; customize tagging to complement your workflow.

Backtest Algorithms

Examine data using multiple programming languages; test theories against ready-to-run datasets from many of crypto’s most interesting historical periods.

Implement Strategies & Configure Alerts

Implement new strategies in near-real-time; run your strategies alongside custom-designed alerts and notifications.

Explore Vast Archives

Analyze data across multiple networks and build new taxonomies to classify market data in ways that fit your firms’ existing theses and taxonomies.

Our clients include major digital asset exchanges, hedge funds with dedicated crypto desks, institutional audit/compliance/KYC groups, and university and government research efforts in the blockchain space.

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