Our team is exceptionally curious, fundamentally quantitative, and intensely driven to solve complex problems

Based in Chicago and with satellite operations in Europe, we collaborate to attack difficult problems in computer science, economics, finance, and other related disciplines.

At FRST, you’ll work alongside innovators from diverse backgrounds. We are a results-driven organization in which we work hard to create products that transform our clients’ understandings of what’s possible and what’s next.

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Our Culture

Be ​F​riendly

​Communicate with clarity and honesty

Be ​R​eliable

Do what you say and challenge each other to be better

Be ​S​peedy

​Iterate quickly and effectively

Be ​T​rusted

Deliver quality information and tools customers can rely upon

Our culture focuses on learning, teaching, and sharing new concepts, skills, and technologies. We believe that most difficult problems require group collaboration to solve and often times you’ll witness experts in computer science, economics, and law working together.

As a relatively flat organization, we expect everyone to execute and innovate without micromanaging or hand holding. Team members take absolute pride in their work and unsolicited ownership of their mistakes. We measure productivity in features added, customers won, and tasks completed – not hours worked. We are focused on learning, teaching, and sharing new concepts, skills, and technologies.

FRST embraces an evidence-driven mindset where ideas are cheap and in proof is where the value lies. Some things you believe today will be disproven by you and your teammates. How you adjust your views in these situations will influence your success and our organization’s flexibility to adapt to its environment and take on new challenges. Be open to new evidence; use it to strengthen your opinions, not your beliefs.

Lastly, our culture is welcoming to new people, new challenges, and new approaches. Building a flexible platform means always thinking about how to accommodate new use cases, new feature sets, and new client preferences.

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