Designed with Input from the Most Demanding Customers

FRST works side by side with professional traders, data scientists, and blockchain researchers to deliver an enterprise-grade solution that does not compromise on speed or versatility. We have unique access to, understanding of, and communications with some of the highest-performing crypto trading desks in the world. These relationships guide our internal conversations from the prioritization of engineering challenges to the addition of new features.

Built for High Performance Analysis

FRST uses a unique, high-performance graph database that holds an always-ready archive of activities on blockchain networks and associates those activities with specific actors, allowing our customers to craft and execute complex queries that cannot be answered by other systems.

Unprecedented Capabilities and Deep Research Tools

Follow Transactions

Understand the provenance of related transactions through time.

Apply Cluster Identification & Labeling

Access an exhaustive list of special-purpose labels and clusters; load additional views and graphs to analyze the data, including detailed relationships between addresses.

Track Specified Categories

Automatically create new category tags (that can be attached to notifications or subscriptions) when authoring custom low-latency queries

Backtest Algorithms

Backtest strategies in multiple programming languages on ready-to-run datasets from many networks, including BTC, ETH, EOS, and others.

Implement Strategies & Configure Alerts

Implement backtested strategies in real-time, and have them run alongside custom-designed notifications.

Explore Vast Archives

Analyze data across multiple networks and build new taxonomies to classify market data in ways that best suit your needs.

Our clients include major digital asset exchanges, hedge funds with dedicated crypto desks, institutional audit/compliance/KYC groups, and university and government research efforts in the blockchain space.

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